Etymologically “Gate of Corbières”. It is par excellence a wine-growing village whose particularly privileged terroir produces wines of character produced with “know-how” and love by our winegrowers.

The Berre river is the main watercourse, sometimes wadi, sometimes torrent which crosses the village passing under the Tamaroque bridge, and continuing its course before flowing into the Bages-Sigean ponds.
The town is spread out between the hills of Bade and Serre, from where we discover all the variety of landscapes of the maritime Corbières that the Greeks, then the Romans, crisscrossed by the Heraclean Way, then the Domitian Way.

The unavoidable

Our Lady of Oubiels, majestic ruin set between vineyards and olive trees, classified as a historic monument from the 13th and 14th centuries. It was built on the site of an old Gallo-Roman farm which was once a stopover lodge for travelers on the Via Domitia on the route to Spain.

Portel Castle, a construction from the Carolingian era, part of which was demolished in 1928 due to dilapidation.

The Tamaroque bridge, built in 1864 to connect the Hautes Corbières to the sea.




  • Les Choralies de la Berre, at the beginning of July: when the choirs resonate in unison in the exceptional theater of Notre-Dame-des-Oubiels (concerts and meals by reservation).

  • In August, tuna, pétanque, balls, festéjades, even the priest and his parish committee will be waiting for you in the wonderful site of Notre Dame des Oubiels.
  • In September the grape harvest, in October the hunting, in November the new wine festival, in December the pruning, the skiing, the end of year celebrations...PFFFFT, looking forward to next year so that we can rest...


Terra Vinéa

The old gyspe quarry converted into an aging cellar. On the very site of the old exploitation, 80m underground, stands this unique and astonishing tourist attraction, a perfect link between the glorious past of gypsum and the civilization of wine and Mediterranean cultures. The deepest underground cellar in Europe, the place where the wines of Cave Rocbère, the largest Cooperative Cellar in Corbières, slumber. Allow one hour of visit + 20 minutes for the tasting of 9 wines.



Château Lastours

The 4X4 temple, an internationally renowned driving school where it is not uncommon to come across the greatest champions, the organization of Quad, 4x4 and adventure rides.




Portel des Corbières is also the place where many artists who are the pride of the village have decided to live and who will be happy to show you their work, we will take you to discover them:
You will have a taste of fresh art by visiting the house-workshop, Le Poisson Bleu, Sylvie Romieu and Claudio Isgro will present their work as artisans and artists.

At the Galerie de La Porte Bleue, you can discover the work of Georges & Cécile Weber, these brilliant artists specializing in trompe l'oeil and wall frescoes, have more than one string to their bow and you will be amazed by their breathtaking scenery. The works of other artists from the village can be seen in the same place.

Then, go and meet Réguy Bayle and Ramonstage, his Maison-Atelier-Théâtre located in the heart of the village, 54, rue du Quartier Neuf. There, even the walls and doors were tweaked, modeled and transformed by the hand of Réguy. Who knows? Perhaps you will catch the workshop theater in full swing. So shhhh..., wait while admiring his sculptural work. Whether it is wood, clay or stone, everything exudes imagination and mastery. Modest, she will say nothing about the wonderful and very touching novels she has written for young people.